Companies Dominating the Cannabis Market

The cannabis market is a multi-billion-dollar industry. It continues to grow even more as more states and countries are heading towards legalizing both medical and recreational marijuana. Many companies are taking aggressive measures to grow their businesses and securing a high-profile partnership. Below is a list of companies that continue to dominate the cannabis market.

  1. Aurora Cannabis – This company is not only a leader in Canada cannabis market but also outside Canada such as Germany. Its annual cannabis production capacity is about 150,000 kilograms. It is in fact the largest of any Canadian company. The capacity is foreseen to expand to 625,000 kilograms.
  2. Canopy Growth Corporation – It operates in 15 countries and has an annual production capacity of about 100,000 kilograms. Its production is foreseen to quadruple in the coming years. Canopy owns some of the famous cannabis brands – Tweed, LBS, and DNA Certified. Aside from the cannabis business, Canopy is planning to launch other products such as new beverage, vapor, and edibles.
  3. Aphria – It is a cannabis company known for its commitment to generating positive earnings and creating value for investors. Its annual production capacity is 115, 000 kilograms and is foreseen to grow by up to 250,000 kilograms in the years to come.
  4. CannTrust Holdings – The ongoing supply chain issues in the Canadian market has not affected the company. In fact, its profit has skyrocketed in the first quarter. The sales are foreseen to continue to rise with the company’s product expansion. Its current annual production capacity is 50,000 kilograms and is projected to grow to 250,000 I the coming years.
  5. Green Organic Dutchman – It is a company specializing in the medical cannabis market in Canada, Europe, and the Caribbean. It also produces organic hemp cannabidiol oil. It is also planning to launch a recreational cannabis business. Its current annual production capacity is 2,000 kilograms but is foreseen to increase by up to 1000% in the coming years.
  6. Emerald Health Therapeutics – it specializes in CBD nutritional products. It has supply deals with Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan. By the end of summer, its nationwide business will be up and running. Its current annual production capacity is 51,000 kilograms. By the mid 2019, its product line is expected to launch in pharmacy, grocery, and natural health stores.
  7. Tilray – It is a global business with strong international presence in 13 different countries. It licenses US cannabis brands like Irisa, Marley Natural, and Goodship in Canada through its partnership with Privateer. It has an annual production capacity of 63,000 kilograms and is expected to grow to 163,000 kilograms in the years to come.
  8. Aleafia Health – It is a cannabis health and wellness company. Aleafia has a total of three major cultivation facilities and a high-margin cannabis derivative products – oil, capsule, and spray. It acquired Emblem in March and now owns a total of 40 medical clinics. On May 6, the company announced a joint venture to expand its medical cannabis business in Germany. Currently, the company’s annual production capacity is 6,000 kilograms.
  9. Cronos Group – The company’s approach is different from other major players in the cannabis business. It uses the Canadian market to test various combinations of CBDs and terpenes to come up with a unique cannabis-based product. Its production capacity is not as huge as its competitors, but it partners with agricultural operators and provide genetic product blueprints.