Liberty Health Sciences – A Leader in the Medical Cannabis Industry

Cannabis has gone a long way – from being a restricted substance to a substance used in the medical field. Medical cannabis is now a big business not only in the United States but in other parts of the world like Canada and some parts of Europe and Asia. One of the leading names in medical marijuana is Liberty Health Sciences. George Scorsis worked to make it is one of the most sought after providers of high-quality cannabis.

Liberty Health Sciences provides solutions and a wide array of selections to medical cannabis users. The company firmly believes that it is your right to choose the healthcare solutions that perfectly suit your needs.

What sets Liberty Health Sciences Apart from the Competition?

Liberty Health Sciences wants to give consumers the best cannabis products to suit their needs. It has dispensaries and private consultation rooms to deliver personalized customer care and a wide array of product selections.

  • High-quality medical cannabis products – It is always the goal of Liberty Health Sciences to provide high-grade medical cannabis products. It has a vast array of product selections to suit the unique needs of consumers – capsules, patches, premium flower products, and pods, to name a few. These selections would ensure that consumers would be able to choose a product they enjoy the most.
  • State of the art facilities and equipment – Liberty Health Sciences uses the most advanced extraction and processing equipment. It also has a vast growing and production space to ensure that the product quality is maintained.
  • Personalized support and consultation – Liberty Health Sciences dispensaries have private consultation rooms for consumers that need one-on-one individualized help. The team that handles our dispensaries are highly knowledgeable and skillful and sees to it that they’ll be able to answer all your queries and concerns.
  • A wide array of cannabis products and brands – Liberty Health Sciences provides a variety of cannabis products to consumers. We know that our clients have diverse needs, and we are up to giving them a wide range of brands to suit our client’s different requirements. Our products vary not only in selections but in prices too; from wallet-friendly to high-end products.
  • Zentient – it is our cannabis brand representing premium CBD and THC balanced products, which include vapes, topical, and oral solutions. They are made from a proprietary formula of high-quality cannabinoids. We provide top of the line cannabis products to the Florida market.
  • Pretty Pistil – This brand carries the most sophisticated taste and rebellious spirit cannabis product. It is a balance of high-quality cannabis products and experience. If you are still contemplating as to what type of cannabis product is the best in the market, then try Liberty Health Sciences’ products under the Pretty Pistil brand. You will surely be delighted with the quality and taste.
  • Mary’s Medicinals – It is Liberty Health Sciences’ brand name for the transdermal cannabis patch. Mary’s maximizes the benefits of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other essential nutrients of the cannabis plant. It was the first to deliver a transdermal cannabis product. It was the first to market the benefits of CBN and THCa. Liberty Health Sciences is continuously developing new cutting-edge methods to isolate, manufacture, and market cannabis to the medical market.
  • Papa’s Herb – This is an affordable brand of marijuana. Although it is friendly to the pocket, you will not be dismayed by the quality of products. Papa’s Herb is a common weed that you can go back whenever you want to.

Liberty Health Sciences has been in the cannabis industry for many years now. It does provide not only medical cannabis but also recreational cannabis in places where both medical and recreational marijuana is legal. One thing is for sure, Liberty Health Science formulates and delivers the highest standard of product. We always strive for quality and consistency.