Who is George Scorsis?

In his own words, George Scorsis says that he “Devises strategies and executes the plan to excite the consumer, surpass the competition and George Scorsis photo headshotachieve brand superiority”. Brand superiority is exactly what he has brought to the cannabis marketplace. Cannabis is one of the rapidly growing industries in the United States. Regulations and prohibitions had set medical cannabis different from recreational cannabis. With industry experts like him working with companies such as Liberty Health Sciences, more and more people are informed about the benefits of using cannabis for medical reasons.

As a C-level CEO and leader from Toronto, Canada, George is an indomitable, highly engaging, ambitious and competitive, and pinpoints the maximum ROI and brand reach and collaboratively works towards the demanding goal. Situational and robust leader takes a constructive role in all business activities, rallies the team to excel, learn and contribute setting high standards and forging a stimulating culture. Direct and eloquent communicator, acts with authority and confidence as the global corporate ambassador. Makes prudent and facts-based decisions to push the business to new heights.

The goal of regulating medical cannabis is to provide only the best information to patients and healthcare practitioners alike. Information dissemination is important as it’s easy to get confused and intimidated considering the wide array of cannabis strains available today. With post-legalization, patients who are going to use cannabis for medical purpose will have access to information that is easy and simple to understand.

Leadership at Liberty Health Sciences

The legislation for medical cannabis use is not only expanding in the United States but in other parts of the world. It will enable medical cannabis users to fully understand the effect of medical cannabis and its impact on their health. The future of medical cannabis is bright. Patients will see cannabis on a more personal level. However, there are factors that could greatly affect the future of cannabis and one of which is maximizing the production of key components of cannabis.

It is important to derive more value for the market. The goal is to produce more effective medicines for patients, especially those who are looking for solutions to their conditions. One of the companies George Scorsis has worked with is Liberty Health Science Inc. he was the chief executive officer (CEO) and director.

George Scorsis is not new in the heavily regulated industry. In fact, he has worked with businesses that have something to do with energy drinks, alcohol, and just recently, medical cannabis. He has over 15 years’ experience as a leader in such industries. As a matter of fact, his leadership style has led to the massive success of every organization he has worked with.

His wealth of experience in the industry has been a big help to every company he becomes part of. He has an extensive background in managing growth within the strictly regulated environment. Prior to becoming the CEO and director of Liberty Health Science, Scorsis serves as the President of Red Bull Canada. He was the main reason why the company has reached a total revenue of $150 million. What he did was he focused all his efforts in restructuring the organization; both from operational and geographical aspects.

While working with Health Canada, he helped in regulating the guidelines for the energy drink category. He also became the president of Mettrum Health Corporation. Again, his leadership style was tested and proven effective as the company was able to acquire a total of $430 million.

Liberty Health Sciences Now Operating in the U.S.

Liberty Health Sciences, a Canadian company was launched to acquire and operate United Stated based companies in the medical cannabis arena. The company has an exclusive management agreement with Chestnut Hill Tree Farm. It grants the company all economic risk and rewards in its operations in the state of Florida.

Chestnut Hill Tree Farm is a nursery in Florida that is authorized by the Florida Department of Health, Office of Compassionate Use as the dispensing body of medical cannabis to patients in need in Florida. Only seven licenses were granted in Florida and Chestnut is one of the fortunate organization to receive such licenses for cannabis.

George Scorsis leadership style is expected to lead the company to massive growth. It aims to expand in other states in the US where cannabis is approved for medical use. It aims to meet the stringent investment criteria set by the governing bodies. Throughout his one and a half decade career, George Scorsis was able to help build major brands. Admittedly, he sees a tremendous opportunity in the medical cannabis industry. Success is all the more possible with the leadership of somebody who has extensive experience in the industry along with a team dedicated to organic growth and strategic acquisitions. Scorsis takes a bold approach to take the company into the next level.

The Future of the Cannabis Industry

Medical cannabis is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States. There is an expected 300,000 jobs and annual medical sales of $13.3 billion by 2021. In the United States specifically in the state of Florida, there is a huge population of medical cannabis users and grants limited licenses, which makes it all the more suitable to grow medical cannabis business such as Liberty Health Science.

Liberty Health Science grows about 500 cannabis plants a week in their facility; Alachua cultivation site. Expanding the business provides better access and convenience for people who need it the most. However, we all know that not all people are on board with the medical benefits of cannabis. For medical marijuana naysayers, Scorsis advised them to conduct thorough research.

With the legalization of medical marijuana in treating and managing debilitating medical conditions, George Scorsis has seen a significant shift from the number of people who sees medical cannabis from a positive perspective. Many analysts strongly believe that Florida’s cannabis industry will reach $1 billion by 2020.

Liberty Health Science has opened its inaugural dispensaries in The Villages in January. It is now on the process of opening five more inaugural dispensary in Florida this year; specifically in Fort Myers, South Tampa, St. Petersburg, Fort Lauderdale, and Port St. Lucie. The medical cannabis industry is not only helpful to patients and business organizations but as well to the community. According to George Scorsis, Liberty Health Science is planning to hire over 300 employees, which include gardeners, accountants, delivery drivers, and scientist, to name a few.

Liberty Health Sciences Inc CEO George Scorsis on Acquiring US Cannabis Companies
Watch the Midas Letter Raw to see Liberty Health Sciences Inc (CNSX:LHS) (OTCMKTS:LHSIF) acquires and operates US-based cannabis companies, including Chestnut Hill Tree Farm LLC in Florida, which represents 14% of the American medical cannabis market, totalling an estimated market size of over $1.1 billion. CEO George Scorsis talks about strategy and operating within Canada and the U.S.

Resume and Work Experience

Liberty Health Sciences, Gainesville, Florida

    The major duties that George Scorsis performed at Liberty Health Sciences are listed below.

  • Executed an RTO and Listed a Publicly Traded Company on the Canadian Securities Exchange
  • Liberty Health Sciences was launched to acquire and operate U.S. – based companies in the medical cannabis market.
  • Successfully Built the Largest Cultivation and Processing Platform in Florida, along with 11 Dispensaries
  • One of the first listed companies to operate in the US

Chief Executive Officer and Director Mettrum Health Corp, Toronto, Ontario

Mr. Scorsis was fundamental in a complete corporate overhaul and shaping Mettrum Health; Mettrum Originals to become a leader with the Federally Regulated Cannabis System. He was also responsible for building to a $430 M business prior to the acquisition by Canopy Growth Corp.

PRESIDENT AND COO Red Bull Canada Ltd., Toronto, Ontario

George was handpicked to the start-up to build the Red Bull Canadian brand presence and business infrastructure for an innovative and new beverage, steering the entity through rapid growth from 0 to 110 employees, 0 to 5.9 million cases per annum, capturing 44% market share with 30% YOY profit and 13% YOY revenue growth.

He was acknowledged by the parent senior executive team – Red Bull GmbH – as the role model business unit, consistently outperforming the other 160 country-based units, finding efficiencies while forging the competitive edge in a saturated, price point sensitive market.  George was also considered a pioneer in the global Red Bull business, hiring a Head of Red Bull Media and Media Sales Manager Canada to develop a Media Department to conceive and sell media content to broadcasters as a revenue generating business unit.

Additional Roles at Red Bull Canada

  • Played a key leadership role in approaching and securing a deal with Rogers to participate and sponsor the Air Red Bull content in exchange for revenue.
  • Deployed a radical restructure to eradicate inefficiencies, shifting the Vancouver finance team to Toronto, creating an amicable transition plan and employee commitment to work flow with minimal disruption.
  • Fortified the tracking and measuring of business data stemming from the field, researching and purchasing a CRM to facilitate information gathering and dissemination.
  • Implemented the national CRM tool with all employees and distributors, providing end-user training on how to maximize the application, eliminating all manual processes and centralizing local and regional critical business information to track daily performance, volume and execution.
  • Conquered a perceived disjoint between the US Division and the Canadian business to ensure Canada maintains a high global profile.
  • Convinced the Austrian-based company Founder to be appointed as a key member of the US Leadership Team, elevating collaboration on product innovation and strategic planning with shared customers, culminating in optimum synergies and cost savings.
  • Built and solidified productive relationships with key decision makers at Health Canada as the products changed from NHP classification to the Food Directorate.
  • Researched similar global occurrences, hired a lobby group and joined the Canadian Beverage Association as an active board member to activate an aggressive lobbying campaign.
  • Created a new role hiring a Red Bull Regulatory Manager to partner with Health Canada for collaboration and open dialogue.
  • Utilized the new designation for energy drinks to market Red Bull through billboards and consumer sampling, contributing to a brand uplift with Top of Mind growing by 5%.
  • Challenged to find efficiencies across Canadian operations and extract costs as profitability eroded.
  • Reviewed all facets of the operation, devised and deployed a fundamental restructure decreasing headcount by 10%, creating a cell-based structure in 3 separate business units.
  • Reduced indirect costs by $1.2 million and escalated staff engagement by >2%, completed without loss of customer service and brand acknowledgement.
  • Detected a need in the Canadian market to strengthen the competitive edge and reignite consumer interest in a new innovative category.
  • Evaluated the market, compiled and authored a compelling proposal to the Founder to approve new SKUs for the Canadian market.
  • Launched 3 SKUs, instantly generating brand recognition and consumer engagement, raising market share by >2 points, selling an incremental 2 million cases contributing to a $1.5 million profit increase, achieving 90% distribution in 30 days.
  • Navigated through complexity to penetrate the emerging dollar store retail market without compromising price architecture supported by a new hybrid go-direct distribution model.
  • Negotiated and secured an agreement to be the only branded energy drink at a price point in line with all major retailers, building a warehouse model without disruption to the existing DSD model.
  • Gained shelf space at an additional 900 new outlets, pushing profitability by $300,000 achieved by selling 2.2 million cases.
  • Applied ingenuity and innovation to create a program and exclusive summer addition product for 7-Eleven Canada to combat share loss.
  • Acquired Founder approval for this global pioneering initiative, contributing to a 1 point share growth, >500,000 cases and >$600,000 revenue.
  • Initiative boosted Red Bull Canada’s share to the highest ever at 44% with a 90% distribution in 5 days.
  • Performed a pivotal leadership role in scrutinizing market share across all Canadian regions supported by Nielsen data to target key retailers and solidify the competitive position.
  • Examined the promotional effectiveness and engaged predefined retailers in joint business planning to build customer-centric plans.
  • Catapulted share to the highest level in Canadian operations history achieving 44 points.
  • Steered the Canadian operation through a globally mandated project to improve profitability supported by financial business partners acting as advisors to department heads.
  • Forecasted to generate the highest COOP in Canadian history at 32% NSV = $45 million Canadian.

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