Chief Executive Officer and Director Mettrum Health Corp, Toronto, Ontario

George Scorsis was fundamental in a complete corporate overhaul and shaping of Mettrum Health. He was also responsible for building a $430 M business prior to the acquisition by Canopy Growth Corp.

President and COO Red Bull Canada Ltd., Toronto, Ontario

George was handpicked to the start-up to build the Red Bull Canadian brand presence and business infrastructure for an innovative and new beverage, steering the entity through rapid growth from 0 to 110 employees, 0 to 5.9 million cases per annum, capturing 44% market share with 30% YOY profit and 13% YOY revenue growth.

He was acknowledged by the parent senior executive team – Red Bull GmbH – as the role model business unit, consistently outperforming the other 160 country-based units, finding efficiencies while forging the competitive edge in a saturated, price point sensitive market. George was also considered a pioneer in the global Red Bull business, hiring a Head of Red Bull Media and Media Sales Manager Canada to develop a Media Department to conceive and sell media content to broadcasters as a revenue generating business unit.

Additional Roles at Red Bull Canada

  • Played a key leadership role in approaching and securing a deal with Rogers to participate and sponsor the Air Red Bull content in exchange for revenue.
  • Deployed a radical restructure to eradicate inefficiencies, shifting the Vancouver finance team to Toronto, creating an amicable transition plan and employee commitment to work flow with minimal disruption.
  • Fortified the tracking and measuring of business data stemming from the field, researching and purchasing a CRM to facilitate information gathering and dissemination.
  • Implemented the national CRM tool with all employees and distributors, providing end-user training on how to maximize the application, eliminating all manual processes and centralizing local and regional critical business information to track daily performance, volume and execution.
  • Conquered a perceived disjoint between the US Division and the Canadian business to ensure Canada maintains a high global profile.
  • Convinced the Austrian-based company Founder to be appointed as a key member of the US Leadership Team, elevating collaboration on product innovation and strategic planning with shared customers, culminating in optimum synergies and cost savings.
  • Built and solidified productive relationships with key decision makers at Health Canada as the products changed from NHP classification to the Food Directorate.